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The Life of M - Saxophone of Time

Clarior Hinc Honos

Hello there. I'm Mary a.k.a. Elfgirl M-chan, M-chan, M, T-Bone, Malibu, Raven, Eliwood, Yomi, and a hundred other aliases. I'm pretty much your average omni anime/video game fan, and hardly your average twenty-somethin'. A true Gemini, I am a living contradiction of many things...and in some cases I have enough of a trait/talent/whatnot for two people. I enjoy doing whatever the heck I please, such as my hobbies mentioned below under interests (etc.), and hanging out with my friends, IRL and online. And that's basically it...I'm a pretty nice person...but don't cross me. ^^

Hrm...let's see now...I'm a graduate of a great university where I received a BA in Biology and Minor in Marine Sciences. I'm a Marine Biologist who's currently working at an awesome aquarium on the coast. I'm also a saxophonist that happened to be a section captain in the marching band at my alma mater, known as the "Pride of the ACC." What's really amusing is that even though I was a Bio major, I was found in the music building enough to lead many people to think otherwise. As for when I'm at home, I'm often found doing lots of random stuff...gaming, reading, and of course playing with my two sweet cats.

Heh...bios are silly...unless if they pertain to biology...now that's fun. Bio, bio, bio...XD

*SMX3: The Last Stand (.v2) - planned
*SMX2: Senshi United (.v2) - in progress
*Polkaranime! - COMPLETED
*Cartoon Heroes Special Edition - coming eventually
*Hatsuharu (Fruits Basket) - Version 3 was a success at Animazement.
*Hayner (Kingdom Hearts II) - Version 2 Complete! A success at Animazement.
*Twilight Link (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) - Complete! A success at Animazement 2008/2009/2010 and Dragon*Con 2008/2009/2010, especially with my Midnas! At AZXI were two of the most popular costumes there and we even won 3rd Place Novice in the Cosplay contest!
*Mister Sir Henry Motherf***er (No More Heroes) - Complete!
*Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia) - Complete! A success at Animazement 2009 and AWA 2009, both solo and with my epic ToS group.
*Midvalley the Hornfreak (Trigun) - 70% finished
*Dale (Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers) - Complete! A success at Dragon*Con 2009 & 2010 and Animazement 2010, especially with Gadget.
*Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender) - Complete! A great success at Dragon*Con 2009 and Animazement 2010 both on his own and with Suki. Definitely set for many conventions to come.
*Dug (Up) - Complete! A great success at Animazement 2010 and Dragon*Con 2010! Plans to upgrade collar before next con appearance.
*Dash Rendar (Star Wars) - Complete! A great success and Dragon*Con 2010. Some repairs of varying natures are set to be made at a later date, but he had a good debut for the con.
Video Games
*The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)
*Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Wii)
*Metroid Prime 3 (Wii) - BEATEN!
*Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
*Baten Kaitos Origins (GCN)
*Tales of the Abyss (PS2)
*Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Wii)
*Final Fantasy III (DS)
*Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (DS)
*Tales of Phantasia (GBA)
*Final Fantasy VII (PSX)
*美少線士セーラームーン レジェンズ Episode 6 - in progress
*SML BioBytes - editing in progress
"in-a-cup!", .hack//sign, adult swim, angel links, animals, animation, animazement, anime, aqua, archery, avatar: the last airbender, azumanga daioh, band, basara, batman, being glomped, biology, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, bishounen, bones, broadway, cats, cheese, chewbacca, chip n' dale, clamp, code lyoko, comic books, comics, cosplay, cowboy bebop, daft punk, danish, dc, detective conan, disney movies, doctor who, drawing, eiffel 65, elves, eve, excel saga, extra-terrestrial vegetation evaluator, eyeshield 21, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy, fire emblem, france, french, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, gamecube, gargoyles, gundam, hana-kimi, harley quinn, harry potter, house, hugh jackman, j-pop, japan, japanese, kiki's delivery service, kingdom hearts, legend of zelda, legolas, lord of the rings, love hina, magic knights rayearth, making amvs, manga, marching band, marine biology, marvel, maze bakunetsu jikuu, metroid, mononoke hime, monsters inc., mst3k, mu beta psi, music, musicals, my friends, mythology, nintendo, nintendo 64, nintendo ds, no more heroes, nuclear whales, ocarina of time, okami, one piece, otakon, outlaw star, phoenix wright, pixar, puffy amiyumi, randomness, ranma 1/2, ratatouille, raven, read or die, reading, reboot, rescue rangers, resident evil, robot chicken, rockman, roleplaying, rpgs, sailor moon, saxophone, sci-fi, science fiction, scuba, seramyu, sharks, soul calibur, star wars, studio ghibli, super nintendo, sweeney todd, tales of legendia, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss, teen titans, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tenchi muyo, the incredibles, the ocean, trigun, up, v for vendetta, video games, wall-e, weird al, werewolves, wicked, wii, winter, wolverine, wolves, writing, x-men, yotsubato, yu yu hakusho, zelda,


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